LYNNIS WOODS: White is not All Right for Your Health and Wellness

sac-button-lynnisOPINION – Thought I was talking about some kind of racial issue? NOPE! I am talking about eating things that are white.

Did you know eating things that are white are basically not good for you. Are you aware that consistent diet of white rice, white sugar, white bread, white pasta etc. will wreck havoc on your health over time?

I know, I know they all taste so good, and they even feel good when you are eating them. Heck, I grew up eating the white diet too. But the real truth is a consistent diet of “white” foods is not good for your health.

In fact, much of the food that you eat that is white is not really “white.” It has been bleached and processed to the point where there is very little nutritive value. White food is not nutritious at all. Food that has been processed and bleached to appear white is just plain bad for you. Shocked? So was I when I first learned this many years ago. All of our foods are supposed to have a color — none of them have that bleached white color.

Lisa Marone, Physical therapist says, “When God created grains, He fashioned them in a state of completeness, full of fiber and nutrients.” Unfortunately, we humans figured out how to take only the most palatable part of the whole food God intended for us, and tossed out the rest.

As a result, these man-altered foods digest into sugar molecules much faster than if they were still wearing their “fiber-jackets.” This rapid digestion causes wild blood sugar spikes which must be brought down by heavy doses of the hormone, insulin. Over time our bodies become less effective at controlling those “sugar highs.”

Insulin resistance (which is the start on the journey to Type 2 diabetes) is what can result from a diet of processed white foods. The best solution is to change your diet to a high fiber one. Eat whole grain breads, pasta and brown rice. Cut the white sugar our completely — try Stevia.

It is sometimes difficult to make that change so you may want to do it gradually. For instance, move from white bread, to wheat, to whole wheat before attempting to introduce multi-grain or sprouted grain breads — if that’s what you wish to finally serve. Try cooking a combo of white and brown rice moving eventually to all brown rice. Do the same with pasta.

“White is not all right” and making a change for the better when it comes to your health can be a tough journey but a much better one for your mind, body and spirit.
By Lynnis Woods-Mullins

Lynnis Woods-Mullins, CHHC, CLC, CPI Spiritual Health and Wellness Coach PraiseWorks Health and Wellness