TIANA BURSE: 2013 Has Been Your Best Year Yet

sac-button-tianaOPINION – There I stood with what felt like the middle of nowhere. The words trapped, stuck, frustrated and boredom flooded so effortlessly through my lips. I took a look back at how hard I had worked for so long that I found myself with no vision. I had lost complete sight of my goals. Maybe you know the feeling? Watching your life fly by while allowing the daily method of operation design your life instead of you choosing the direction in which it should go in. I knew it was time to re-define my life and break free from the shackles I had placed on myself. The question was how? I would soon find the answer in the form of words:

“The Journey Becomes YOU”

At the time I didn’t know what to expect from an idea. All I knew was I deserved to inspire and discover a new me. Someone that went from feeling lost, discouraged and confined to a feeling of being alive. I didn’t want to remain what Zig Ziglar would call a “wandering generality,” which is someone who wanders aimlessly through life with no plans, goals or dreams. I believed there was more determination and fight left in me; after all, if I dared to become more it would require me to see all things as a possibility to the point of being bold and almost foolish.

As 2013 arrives the timing couldn’t be better. A new year calls for reflections of the past, where you are in the present moment and where you inspire to be moving forward into the year. Now, if you’re similar to me; assessing the upcoming year can feel disturbing. It’s a new year which means we had another number under our belts when it comes to our age, we think back on the goals made early last year that were never accomplished and life seems to always get in the way as soon as our stars start to align.

When those moments arise the quickest way to combat the challenges is to take on BIGGER goals. Nothing calms a mental storm than taking on objectives that seem completely out of reach. The great Les Brown once stated: “Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss you’ll be among the stars.” You see, the truth is most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, the fact is they aim too low — and most don’t aim at all. Creating a larger vision for yourself helps to rejuvenate your will power as well as pushes you past your comfort zone.

Your breakthrough to a new path in life is one BIG goal away. The only thing that will stop you from where you are at this moment to your desired destination is YOU. Start today to write down the things that will create your purpose in life, aim for things that will make you stretch beyond your comfort zone and put down the remote control and start doing things that you love.

Right now, I can say confidently that 2013 is my best year yet. You may be asking yourself how I can say that. It’s simple; I have made my list of the largest achievable goals I desire, I made them public and as long as I say 2013 is the best year of my life, then I am confirming forward progress.

Make 2013 your best year yet.

Tiana Nicole Burse Founder of Behind The Journey, is a Social Network Sensation, Internet Marketer & Self Development Coach/Speaker.

Contact information: behindthejourney@yahoo.com


  1. Claudette Yvonne Mendez-Castil says:

    Well said! I’m a mom and I forget sometimes that I should have goals for myself. Thanks for inspiring me and reminding me that I still count.

  2. Muhammad Mahdi says:

    Thanks Tiana .. MAn I needed this message today.
    I’m on it … doggone it
    Writing down my 30-60-90 day goals and an action plan to achieve them!

    You gotta keep these articles comin’
    I hungry for this kinda’ message in 2013 …for sure!