Nehemiah Emerging Leaders Program Now Accepting Nominations for Class V!

DSC_0274SACRAMENTO – The Nehemiah Emerging Leaders Program (NELP) is a leadership development program targeting Culturally Diverse leaders between the ages of 25 to 45. The program develops and refines the skills and talents of emerging leaders, creating a 21st Century leadership pipeline.

The selected NELP Fellows will experience the nationally recognized Coro Foundation curriculum and participate in discussions with Senior Fellows from the American Leadership Forum, as well as develop meaningful life-long relationships with their NELP colleagues and host of NELP Sr. Fellows.

NELP desires nominees who currently demonstrate the ability to lead and a commitment to making a difference in our region through civic service. Judges are looking for individuals with vision, character, passion, skills and knowledge. They must have an appetite for learning with humility and possess the right temperament to lead. Corporations and organizations wishing to enhance the leadership pipeline in their workforce are encouraged to submit nominations.

The Nehemiah Corporation of America in association with the Coro Foundation and American Leadership Forum welcomes all nominations for this transformational experience. Please submit nominations via the NELP website at,

Deadline for nominations is Sunday, June 30, 2013.