Allen Warren’s Lead In District Two Race Still Holding

SACRAMENTO – As the absentee and provisional ballots are nearing an end, North Sacramento developer Allen Wayne Warren is out in front of Rob Kerth for the City Council District 2 seat.

The Sacramento County’s Registrar Office released new data late Tuesday showing Warren has 6,103 votes (50.71 percent) to Kerth’s 5,905 votes (49.06).

It is likely to be another week before the City Clerk officially declares who will likely replace outgoing City Councilwoman Sandy Sheedy — a recount of votes is highly possible.

In the District 4 race, Steve Hansen holds a 135-vote margin over architect Joseph Yee. The latest results show that Hansen has 11,132 votes (50.23) while Yee has 10,997 (49.63). A recount of votes is expected in this race as well. The victor will replace outgoing Councilmember Rob King Fong.

By Antonio R. Harvey