Twin Rivers Board Delays Announcement of Interim Superintendent

SACRAMENTO – The Twin Rivers Board of Trustees will announce their choice of a new interim superintendent on Tuesday, September 4 at the regularly scheduled board meeting.

The board interviewed candidates on August 29 and 30, but will not publicly announce its selection until it first negotiates a contract with their selection, Board President Cortez Quinn said.

Among the items to be negotiated is salary. “We want to make sure we have the candidate in place before the announcement,” he said.

The board is required to make its decision by voting in a public meeting.

Tuesday’s board meeting will take place at the Twin Rivers district office, located at 5115 Dudley Boulevard, McClellan, CA. Closed session begins at 6:30pm and public session opens at 7:00pm.

Twin Rivers Unified School District serves approximately 27,000 preschool through adult education students in northern Sacramento County.